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Support for Makers Mashup

How is Makers Mashup supported?

Makers Mashup is supported by people like you.  We have a number of ways you can help keep the YouTube Channel, Website and Discord running.

The best way to support us directly is by a monthly subscription to our Patreon.  Patreon members receive early and exclusive access to content.  This provides the most support to the channel since we receive nearly 90% of the subscription amount.  

If you can not become a Patreon member then please consider purchasing products through one of our affiliate links.  We have an Amazon Store and up to 3-10% of your total purchases goes to help us.  We are also affiliates of Zyltech as well where we make 5% of your purchase.  This is a great way you can support us through purchases you were going to already make.  These add up from users everywhere and provide additional support to the channel. 

There are a number of ways you can support the channel at no cost to you as well.  The easiest way is to watch videos on our YouTube channel, subscribe, like, share and comment on them.  All of those interactions help our videos gain more exposure and through that increase our revenue from ads that run on YouTube.  We receive only a fraction of the advertising revenue from YouTube but it does help support us in a small way.  You can also participate in our Discord channel by joining and participating in conversation.  This helps our community grow larger. 

From time to time we also produce product videos or use products from vendors we have a relationship with.  This could be in a product review or instructional video using a product.  Every product we use in our videos is evaluated and represented in an honest way from us.  We never endorse a product we don't use ourselves.  We are 100% transparent in our use of products.  If we believe a product is not right for us we are upfront with our video and upfront with the vendor.  We do not misrepresent products or mislead our viewers.  That is our commitment to you and the vendors.

We are grateful for all the support we receive regardless of its source. 

Want to know more or have another way you would like to support us?  Contact Us.

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