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Runout Sensor Without Printer Modifications

This Universal Filament Runout Sensor allows you to have a mobile filament runout sensor that work with any printer connected to OctoPrint. This sensor works by using a IOT device (WeMos Style ESP8266) for a sensor that communicates directly to the OctoPrint API. It takes all of about an hour to build and enables you to switch it between printers as necessary. The project is also open source so you can modify it and expand upon the features. The video below covers the project, building and use of the sensor.

Setting it up

Download the Runout Sensor Case on Thingiverse and print. This should take only about an hour. Use a .2 or less layer height. Then visit the RunoutAnywhere Runout Sensor project page and download the source code. Installation instruction Wiki contains everything you need to know to assemble it. You can even submit feature and bug requests.

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