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Makers Mashup Torture Test Cube

Updated: May 6, 2019

We wanted to put our logo on something that said "we're makers!" so we created a torture test cube! Print your own and show off that you too are a three dimensional maker.

Click the photo above to go to the Thingiverse site where you can download this model. We suggest printing this at 50% to get started. The model has a few unique features to it.

The underneath contains a overhang test. You can see here its more difficult the steeper the overhang. It does this from within a cutout dome. You also test your bed adhesion with this test as this is the side that faces down. So you have a limited amount of surface area sticking to the bed.

The inverted triangle is a span test. This shows how well your printer bridges gaps beteween two points. This is at 50% so the longest is about a 28mm span. You can see the closer we get to the top the harder it is for the pinter to do this without bowing. Still my Ender 3 did a great job on this.

Our website address shows your printers ability for detail. This should say on the side. Layer height and size will affect this. You also get 3 circle tests here. The two circles at the top create an overhang as well so it is difficult to get the top two circles perfect. You can also see where the circles are not perfect at the top on my Ender 3. Very normal for that sort of test.

If you print this with zero infill you'll see the top is very hard to print at 50%. This is because of the large span. You can see in this close up small holes. The face also tests your printers ability to print slight overhangs to the face. You can see mine are not exactly right angles on the graphics on the face. Part of that is the slicer and part of that is the printer itself.

The cube was also designed to print at various sizes. So you can test your ability to span larger spaces.

We hope you have fun printing this test as much as we did building it. Post your makes to Thingiverse and share this cube with your friends. We would love to see your experience with it.

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