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Free Laser Cutting Web Sites and Resources

Laser cutting is a really great part of any maker repertoire but finding resources to get you started is hard. I know that when I started doing laser cutting I was really looking for a Thingiverse for Laser Engraving. This list is in our opinion the top laser cutting resources available. We will update this list from time to time so please check back for new resources!

Ready Made Project Sites


This is the motherlode of laser cutting resources. Over 15K vectors, DXF files and laser resources. This is a great place to get you started.


Thingiverse has a lot of files however the trouble is locating them. Using searches like "Laser Cutter", "Laser Engraver", "DXF" and "SVG" usually yield a pretty good selection. The real downside is having them easier to access.


Sell lasers but have a number of free resources to print.

Ponoko Showroom

There are a lot of free resources in here as well as pay resources. Ponoko also will do your laser cutting as well if you don't have access to a laser cutter/engraver.

Art Resources

Love SVG

While not specifically for laser cutting most SVG's can be converted into a DXF for laser cutting pretty easily. This is a good resource for building your own laser projects.


Number of free designs to use in your laser resources.

Dreaming Tree

Some adorable free SVG files for laser cutting paper and card stock.

Boxes and Cases


Open Source box generator you can use for your projects. Living hinges are aavailable as well.


Quickly make a case with or without a lid. Another great resource for building your own projects.

Box Designer

Older box designer but has touts over 500K people have created boxes with it.

Living Hinges

Steammetry Living Hinge Templates

Great templates to build upon for living hinges in your own projects.

Inkscape Living Hinge Creator

Inkscape allows you to create laser DXF and SVG files. The living hinge creator plugin allows you to quickly add living hinges to your work.

OpenSCAD Living Hinge Generator

Download this thing and create various hinges in OpenSCAD.

Inkscape Plugins for Laser Cutting


Creates a tabbed box with kerf setting for tight fits. Or dimples for press fits.

Inkscape Living Hinge Creator (Included in Living Hinge Section)

Inkscape allows you to create laser DXF and SVG files. The living hinge creator plugin allows you to quickly add living hinges to your work.

Shelf generator

Generates a tabbed box with one open side and grooves to insert shelving into.

Elliptical Box Maker

Inkscape plug-in that generates drawings for an elliptical box which can be made using a laser cutter.

Do you know of a resource we missed? Please leave a comment below or contact us and we'll add it to the list!

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