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DIY Metal Corner Brackets for 2020 Extrusion

If you're looking for some cheap aluminum corner brackets for 2020 extrusion look no further. My video here covers how to create your own. You can make about 10 of these for $6. These run $14 on Amazon for 4, so you're saving a ton of money by making these yourself.

Making these are pretty simple. We'll run down the steps here. You will need 1/8" by 2.5" rectangle bar aluminum. You can get these at your local big box store.

Step 1.

Trace a corner bracket. If you have one of these aluminum brackets already simply trace that one you have. If not we have a very handy DXF file you can print or laser cut to trace. If you laser cut some hardboard stock this works the best.

Step 2.

Cut out the bracket using a miter saw. You should use a Metal Saw Blade to make sure that you get a clean cut. This blade only runs around $20 and cuts the aluminum on a regular woodworking saw.

Step 3.

Take this to your drill press an use a 5mm bit to drill the holes. Sometimes you can find Metric Bits at a big box store otherwise you can get Metric Bits on Amazon. Any HSS bit will work for this soft aluminum.

Step 4. (Optional)

You can use a buffing wheel to brighten up the corner. While the original ones are anodized some buffing, sanding and polishing will get you a bracket that looks just as nice.

That is it! I hope this was helpful please leave a comment if this was helpful for you in saving money!

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