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Creating Your Own Lighted Logo Sign

Did you ever want a lighted sign of your company logo, sports team or just a fun fan art for your game room? If so this video can show you how to create your very own with minimal parts, a weekend and some time at your local maker space. You can see our video here which outlines the process.

Creating this sign will require only a few materials and you'll find most of them at your local home improvement store.

1 - 2x4 sheet of 1/4" quality birch plywood or hardboard

1 - Acrylic Sheet

Colored LED's of your choice

1 Prototype Board

1 Boost Module

Paint and glossy sealer depending on your design and taste.

Wood Glue

Glue Gun

Super Glue

Some finishing screws for the back plate.

Step 1 - Laser Artwork & Plan

First think about the design and how you want to plan your layers. The video above shows you how the sign is assembled so you'll need to come up with your plan for your specific logo.

You will need to develop a design and create a file you can import directly into your laser cutting software. You will need to make something that has vector lines not an image. There are a number of videos that show you how to do this on youtube. How To Trace A Logo in Inkscape

Step 2 - Cut Pieces

Once you have your design, head down to your local Makerspace and cut your design. You can find your local Makerspace online or you can use an online service like Ponoko. They will laser cut your project and ship you the pieces. This technique takes a bit longer than the local Makerspace but it will work just as well.

Step 3 - Assembly

Once you have your pieces you assemble your layers and install your electronics. The video covers some great techniques for installing the electronics and assembling the project.

Step 4 - Show it of

Post your pics twitter and mention @MakersMashup we would love to see how you created your own Lighted sign. Good luck!

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