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Building a DIY 3D Printer from scratch

We put together an entire DIY 3D Printer series playlist on how to build your own 3D Printer from scratch. This series covers step by step how to assemble the LayerFused C201 which is an Open Hardware printer using everyday parts and free 3D Printed models from Thingiverse.

This printer can be assembled with very cheap parts or with more expensive parts depending on your build.

The Bill of materials for this 3D Printer are available for review. There are links to many of the prodcts on Amazon and other sites so depending on your geographical location you may be able to build this printer for well under $200.

The LayerFused C201 STL Models are available on thingiverse for download and are open source parts.

Some viewers are reporting discounts on build supplies with a free Amazon Business Account We invite anyone to reach out to us with a complete list of cheaper parts to help the community build this cheaper.

If you're willing to wait for part from china they are likely the cheapest route to go for anything other than extrusion.

That weighs more so domestic suppliers will get you a good deal since you wont have to pay as much in shipping.

This printer is a great home project for anyone interested in getting into 3D Printing. These 3D Printer plans can enable you to have a 3D Printer up and running in no time.

If you can't obtain the 3D Printed parts you can always take a look at our 3D Printer from Scratch build which used wood and hardware store parts to build the printer. While we recommend you obtain the 3D Printed parts. This is great way to print your printer parts yourself.

3D Printing is for everyone and here at Makers Mashup we are all about breaking down the barriers to people getting into 3D Printing. With some time and education you can build your own 3D Printer at home in your garage or even with your friends and family.

If you need help building your 3D Printer join our DIY Makerspace Discord Channel where you can talk to us directly and speak with other makers who can help you build your printer.

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