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Build a DIY Fume Extractor for just $12

That's right with just $12 and a 3D Printer you can print yourself a fume extractor for your DIY Electronics projects. This minimalist design allows you to pull hazardous fumes away from you.

Flux (The component that smokes) in your soldering work can contain corrosive chemicals along with solvents and other additives that certainly should not be inhaled. While a $12 DIY fume extractor wont completely eliminate all fumes it will help reduce them by pulling the fumes through a carbon fiber filter.

In our DIY Fume Extractor video you can quickly put this together in a weekend with just a few parts.

You will need:

4 - 40mm or 45mm M3 Screws depending how you assemble it.

1 - 120mm Case Fan

1 - USB Boost Module

1 - Carbon Filter

1 - Set of 3D Printes from

Assembly couldn't be easier.

1. Simply punch 4 holes into the carbon filter after placing it into the intake.

2. Use the screws to attach the front filter guard to the intake.

3. Attach the fan (blowing towards back sucking air from filter)

4. Attach the option rear fan guard (a second front filter guard)

5. Attach feet by screwing the screws into each one.

6. Slide the electronics cover over the wire

7. Solder the fan wires +/- to the output +/- pins on the boost module after setting to 12v output.

8. Push the electronics into the cover.

That is! Just supply the boost module with a standard USB 5V.

If you want more details check out the video! Let us know if you build this fume extractor!

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