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Birds of a Feather Laser Together

One of the first projects that we all usually learn as children is assembling and painting a bird house. Something about its simplicity draws us to create these avian accommodations. I remember creating a few of these not just for myself but for my children as well. They are great projects for beginners.

Recently I put together a collection of these specifically for the laser cutter. There was quite a number but this design was my favorite. Created by JTronics this bird house takes puts a new spin on an old favorite.

If you're looking for something more traditional Damon Hill created the traditional recreation of the classic bird house for the laser cutter. This is a good project to pass the torch of bird house projects onto the next generation.

If you're looking to go high tech in your bird house project you can skip the need to paint the house and go with acrylic siding. You never have to paint it and your bird house's resale value can only improve! This birdhouse will be the envy of all at the bird fountain.

Whatever one you decide to build you can take pride in knowing you're making a bird's life a little better.

Do you know of other laser cut birdhouse projects? Let us know and we'll gladly add them to our Thingiverse Birdhouse collection where you can find these and more laser cut bird houses.

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