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3D Printing Handbook

This handbook aims to educate new users about 3D Printing in various topics.  There are videos and links to documentation that show you everything you could want to know about 3D Printing.  While there are many resources available this guide points out videos and materials which educate you.   This page is ever evolving and will constantly include new information.  Check back often for updates.  Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or additions to this handbook. 

Building A 3D Printer

Before you can start 3D Printing you're going to need a 3D printer.  This video series shows you how to build your own 3D Printer.  You can of course buy one but you will be missing out on the educational process of learning the components of a printer.  This video shows you start to finish what everything is for in your 3D Printer. 

Understanding Marlin and Pronterface

Once you have your 3D Printer you'll need to know some basic G-Codes and commands to get your 3D Printer calibrated.  This next set of videos covers some of the basics of using Marlin.  Once you have these out of the way you'll be ready to start looking for 3D Models to print. 

Finding Models

Now that you have the basics of your printer under your belt you'll want to start looking for 3D Models.  We have great 3D printer resource page that shows you some sites to download your models.  You'll need to download .STL files for your slicer.  We also have a video below that shows you some short cuts instead of having to search on each one of these sites. 

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